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Bob took me in the house following them and we went to their guest bedroom. Cum on tits for blonde after blowjob and doggy fuck in hot tub. I quickly said: Car Trouble. We had a great dinner with lots of wine and good conversation. I loved the attention from Bob, I am sure partly because our sex life had gotten pretty routine in spite of our deep love for one another. We led a pretty active social life that revolved around friends and neighbors and seemed pretty routine for the time.

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Jeanne climbed out of the tub and we were all treated to the first close-up look at her fantastic ass and breasts through her sheer wet white bra and thong.

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Being the flirt she is, Jeanne said she wished she was sitting the other way! Swap Fucking Daughters. Swingers night for these two couples. I took all of his cock to the back of my throat and swallowed so that my throat squeezed the end of his cock. Fucked multiple times while at swinger party including while in a hot tub. We each leaned in to kiss her breasts.

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