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The Success Story of HACKATHON – An Event That Created Creativeness

vvvThe very first Hackathon held by Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in the month of November, a highlight for the year 2014 was initiated by the HR department -Aneesha(HR Manager) and team and coordinated by Tech organizers Junaid(Senior Developer) and Sreedeep(Senior Developer).

Omshivaprakash(Director – Business Development) was the one who has proposed this idea with a motive to drive the innovative spirit of the Carmatec and give them a platform to showcase their thoughts.
Four teams have have taken part in this event with 3-5 members in each team whose spirit was really admiring and to be respected.
Needless to say the event was awe-inspiring and well received.

The judge’s panel consisted of Aromal Rajagopal(CEO), Indu Aromal(Director of operations) and Omshivaprakash, and they did have some tough moments deciding the first runner up.

Now for the most awaited result, WHO REALLY WON THE HACKATHON
The trophy went to ColorCubes Team with a unanimous vote for they were definitely the front runners throughout the event.

What set their project apart was that it was well designed, well presented and it was extremely creative. And above all, it had a very relevant use case of solving a lot of UI and conversion related problems within the ColorCuboid team.

Their was the only team that had implemented the project, so that was also a feather in the cap for them. So a big cheers to this team, for making a complex problem so simple to solve and implement & show case it to the team!!!

We then had a literal tie between Cygnus and Ideator!!
Both of them had presented a very good idea. Cygnus won it finally, but Ideator, you guys were just a step behind. Cygnus came up with this platform to integrate lot of development tools to create a software developer’s hub, thereby helping to solve a lot of problems the developers now face working with independent tools.

Awesome idea, and has a lot of scope for future development, but lost out a little bit as the workflow for conceiving it was not elaborated in detail.

But we truly appreciate the idea and the minds.
Ideator came with a simple but very well planned plan to incorporate a new feature in VisionCarma and presented it with “To get a great idea, come up with lots of them”. They had thought about the workflow well, and we liked the way it was presented.

The next team is PhoneGap that presented us with a simple and easy to use framework about this software that makes mobile application development for cross platforms simple and achievable easily. It was surely a good one, and may solve a lot of things we want to take up on mobile front.

So that concludes the Hackathon event;
Great job to the participants and the organizersâEUR¦
We hope to see more of such activities in Carmatec and till then keep your thinking hats on!!!

Mar 27

Role of an IT Consultant

Work has now become automated. Everything is on computers. Data, documents, records; all are now accessed via computers. Technology has been on a roll. Even the bills, invoices and receipts are generated automatically.

Every business has different criteria. It has different needs and requirements. So, different modules and frameworks are created to match these requirements.

An IT Consultant works in tandem with the clients and understands their business, thereby advising them to optimally use technology, and solve their objectives. These professionals make the technology more pliable and efficient to the needs of the organization.

These consultants not only set up a module to best suit your business, but also provide strategic guidance, thereby enhancing major business processes. These experts are not only involved in the technical duties, but also in sales and business development.

The role of an IT expert is described as follows:

1.Advise: A consultant provides objective advice in regard to technological changes and updates.

2.Expertise: A technical expert offers specialized expertise that may be hard to procure within one’s own organization. More often than not, an external consultant proves to be cheaper than an in-house team.

3.Temporary: Many small and mid-sized businesses have singular needs. A one-time project is not required to have a full-time in-house staff.

4.Myriad knowledge: As the consultant works on various projects and modules, he is required to have excellent knowledge of computers and IT systems.

5. Communication: As the professional is required to deal with various people, he must possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

6.As every business is different in its own right, the IT personnel must have good business understanding.

7.Research: Being updated with rapid changes in technology, the IT expert must have good research skills.

8.Making complex sound simple: It is a skill to make people understand complex terms in a simple language.

9.Analytical: An IT expert needs to have an analytical mind in order to comprehend problems and solve them.

10. The role of an IT expert also includes being creative and flexible in solving problems and providing solutions.

11. An IT personnel is also required to have good decision making skills and good organisational skills.

12. IT experts are required to develop and implement new systems, purchasing systems where appropriate and designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems.

At Datamip, the IT specialists are ideal partners for the installation, configuration and management of your IT infrastructure. These consultants carry out optimization of resources, processes and investments.

Mar 27

Questions to Ask When Recovering a Server Backup

It takes a lot of time to generate and put into practice a recovery and backup plan. You will have to discover what information must be backed up, how frequently the data must be backed up, and more. To lend a hand to you in order to create a plan, think about the following questions:

How vital or susceptible the data on the systems is?
The significance of data will help you verify if you have to back it up, in addition to how and when it is supposed to be backed up. For important data, for example a database, you will desire to have superfluous backup sets that widen back for more than a few backup periods.

For sensitive data, you will have to make sure that the backup data is actually encrypted or secure. For less significant data, for instance the day to day user files, you will not require such a complicated backup plan. However, you will have to back up the data on a regular basis and guarantee that all the data will be recovered with no trouble.

How frequently does your data change?
The regularity of change can have an effect on your choice on how frequently the data ought to be backed up. For instance, data that modifies daily must be backed up every day

Do you have all the apparatus to perform the backups?
You must have the backup hardware necessary to carry out backups. To act timely, you may require quite a lot of backup devices along with numerous sets of backup medium. Backup storage is mostly done on disk drives and on the cloud in this day and age.

How swiftly do you have to recuperate the data?
Time is a significant feature in making a backup plan. For important systems, you may have to go back online quickly. To accomplish this, you may have to change the backup plan, based on its speed and efficiency.

What kind of information does the data have?
Data that does not seem significant to you may be very significant to someone else. Therefore, the kind of information that the data contains will help you decide if you have to back up all the data, in addition to how and when, the data is supposed to be backed up.

Company Introduction
CloudBacko Corporation is a private company located in the British Virgin Islands. It was founded in 2014. They specialize in developing backup and recovery software/tools for businesses. Anyone can use them to securely back up their servers and workstations to the cloud and local storage. Their flagship product, CloudBacko backup software, allows users to backup business servers and desktop computers to the cloud as well as local or mapped network drives.

Mar 27

Why Are Ping Post Systems the Need of the Hour for Every Existing Firm in the Market?

Whenever a firm launches itself in the market, their main aim is to develop and earn profits from their business enactments. It is common sense after all! No one wants to incur losses. But in recent times there have been some strange incidents taking place. There are several firms who are not being able to get their assigned profits. They are not getting their assigned goals fulfilled and as a result are seen incurring several losses. Their management team is seen employing every trick in the book to rectify the matter but it’s of no use as they get nothing except disappointment. So here is a brain twister for all the people reading this- what is the reason for their losses? Does anyone have the answer to this riddle, anyone? Well after loads of examination by several experts existing in the market, they have come to a conclusion. The reasons which they consider to be hampering the success of these firms are as follows- the first being that these firms are not being able to get their assigned leads for their flourishment. They opine that leads are essential for the success of every firm, and the absence of them would only lead to losses. So that is point number one. The second accused reason is that the associates who are in charge of generating ramifications are not effective. They are not being able to provide their company the leads which are needed for their development. They cannot distinguish the quality ones among the worthless ones. And the third one being that the technology of such firms is not up to standards. There are the reasons which they hold responsible for the mishap which is happening to these firms. They also to counteract this menace have suggested the usage of advanced ping post technology. They believe that it is the answer to all the woes of these firms.

What makes them so good?

To be very honest one has to abide by the suggestion of these marketing egg-heads. These above mentioned technologies are really the best answer to their worries. And even the statistics favor it. As per sources some of the best US firms are seen employing such technologies. They are mainly of US origin and frankly speaking several experts have labeled them as among the best lead trading system in USA schematics. We all know that USA is a nation which believes in doing their work proficiently. They use mostly state of the art facilities for the business initiation. Their rich nature also prompts them to go ahead with such initiations. These systems are also one of the main reasons why they are considered the trend-setters in the market. These soft wares offer a pack load of benefits. They formulate an effective platform through which the customer and the seller can converse, and engage in business dealings. They assist in reducing errors which happens from manual lead management. They are super quick in managing the leads and providing it to the clients who need it the most. And the most important point of all, they are user friendly and can manage huge cardinals of customers effectively and orderly without losing any one of them.

Why are they labeled the best in the world?

The people, who have labeled these systems as the best lead trading software in USA, have done it for a reason. These systems are effective in distinguishing the genuine leads from the worthless leads and are also used for maintaining records and effective recording or broadcasting corporate happenings. They are the one of the most important pre-requisites of every firm in US and employing them is surely going to be the best decision which anyone has ever taken for their firms. That a guarantee!

Mar 27

How Our Yahoo Customer Support Can Recover Your Dead Account?

Yahoo isn’t any doubt an online mail during which additional emails stays compared to the desktops. Web email is one in all the versatile possibility to-date. During this guide, you’re about to the way to produce Yahoo new account and simply keep doing the nice and establish a robust communication along with your shoppers and staff. Yahoo account technical support is one of the best available in the industry.

Here is how you can create a new Yahoo mail account

In order to create a secure Yahoo account, these are the steps to be followed.

Open up the web browser and move to the Yahoo home page

Click on Yahoo on the highest right of the page

You will realize the sign-in section, as you are doing not have a Yahoo account you are doing not got to produce one
In order to line up a brand new account Yahoo can obtain your personal info like 1st and last names. You get a possibility of €choose your username’, that gets replaced with €’. Yahoo might got to check the provision of any username that you simply opt to make certain that nobody is mistreatment it. You want to keep assure that within the next section you reconcile with €I conform to the Yahoo terms of service and Privacy Policy’ is ticked. Then click next step. If you face any problem, Yahoo helpline number is there to help you out.

If you discover that, the e-mail name that you simply have requested isn’t accessible then you get a message that someone is mistreatment it. You’ll be able to opt for another one from a selection box or produce a brand new one, as presently as you settle the name of your email address since it’s an honest plan to form a note of it in order that you’ll be able to discuss with it till you commit it to memory. You’ll be able to conjointly decision the Yahoo client service variety to urge voice support if the matter support doesn’t facilitate to line a brand new Yahoo account.

In the next step, you wish to form an excellent countersign that has got to be eight characters robust. Make certain that the countersign could be a nice combination of letters and numbers to form the countersign additional safe and secure to guess. You wish to reenter the countersign and make certain that you simply opt for the correct one. This is often the rationale that it conjointly asks to enter random words at rock bottom of the page – this is often a CAPTCHA code.
After you shut down with this page click on ensuing step and move to the produce your profile page. If you are doing not have, photos then click on the choice €next step.’ If you continue to struggle to open AN account at Yahoo, decision the Yahoo technical support variety.

Mar 27

The Ins and Outs of a VPN

Any business that expands to multiple locations around the world requires a fast and reliable way to keep its data accessible by its employees, and for employees to connect to company’s servers over a secure line from a remote location.
VPN, or virtual private network, is a technology that enables businesses to accomplish its goal of data secure and connectivity. It’s a private network that connects remote sites or users together using a public network such as the Internet. The prime reason for using a VPN is that secures the data and prevents anyone intercepting the encrypted data from reading it.
Understanding How the VPN Works
The internet is like an ocean, which has various islands representing LANs. Just as travelling from one island to another via a ferry isn’t private, in the same way, the wires and routers constituting the internet are not private. Essentially, any connection between two private networks using the internet is susceptible to security issues.
For obvious reasons, a business that uses the internet has to protect its data, and that is where the VPN enters. It allows users to communicate using the internet and connect with a private LAN in a secure and reliable manner. VPNs can also be expanded to accommodate more users from different locations.
Common Types of VPN
A site-to-site VPN is one common type of VPN that connects multiple fixed locations. It allows a business to extend its network making computer resources available to employees from one location to another. A company that is growing its offices in multiple locations around the world is a perfect example of a company in need of VPN.
The Two Types Of Site-To-Site VPNs Include:
Intranet based
An intranet VPN can be used to connect each separate LAN to a single WAN. It is suitable for companies that have one or more remote locations to be connected to a single private network.
Extranet based
An extranet VPN can be built between two companies that are closely related and wish to connect its LANs. The extranet-based VPN will allow the two companies to work in a shared network environment, which is secure and reliable.
About The Company is an online VPN service review company that aims to help internet users make the best decisions when choosing a VPN service. The website provides the best reviews, which include price comparisons, features, and the editor’s review of the VPN. All the reviews are based on real time usage, and professional opinions.
For more information, visit:

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I Forgot My Gmail Password

All the email services stress on using the strong and complex passwords. So, you need to make use of the passwords that are hard to guess and crack. Some people would have heard enough of this, and feel irksome when this is repeated. However, you need to understand that this is for your own safety. You would never know what your account is considered by the hackers. You might have your pictures, pictures of your family, details of bank, net banking services and much more. But, when you do not own a password that is tough to crack, someone can get hold of all these details. Not only you can lose money, but also, the reputation of yours is at stake when hackers can know about you. So, you need to use passwords that are not your name, birth date and anniversary date. When you are using a strong and complex password, and changing it often as the email service tells you, then there are chances that you can forget the password. When you lose the password, you need not panic, or worry that I forgot my Gmail password. Gmail has answers for those who lost their password. This is why an alternative email address is requested when creating the account with Gmail. You need to go to the recovery page of Gmail and then choose the option, forgot password. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked for the recovery email address. You need to give the alternative address, and a link is sent to the email address. You need to follow it and come back to Gmail and change the password. There are chances that you would have forgotten the password of the recovery email ID, or you would have stopped using it too. When you are facing problems with this, there are other ways too.

You need to answer the security questions that you have set during setting up of the account. Chances are there you have forgot that too, and in such cases, you can call the Gmail technical support number. But only the paid members can make use of the Gmail customer service number. If you are free account holder, you will find options in the help and support page. If you remember any of the old passwords, the last date the account was used, you will be able to recover the password.

Mar 27

Lock Your PCs Using Android Phone – Remote Pc Lock

There will be a millions of times when you would just forget to lock your PC or your laptop or the workstation you daily work on at workplace and we agree that those are the times to panic. You wouldn’t want your boss to see your internet browsing history or you wouldn’t want anyone to mess around your private data stored in your PC behind your back.

Let’s have a look at the other reasons why you shouldn’t leave your desktop PC and laptop unlocked:

Laptop unlocked at home:-

There is only one and one reason behind not leaving your laptop or desktop computer open at house, the better half. Yes, you cannot just watch YouTube or have chat on Facebook and then leave your Pc unlocked and you know the reasons. There are times when you are about exit your house and suddenly you remember that you forgot to log-off your computer and then you rush to log off from the laptop before she or he touches it. Yes, leaving an open desktop PC is really a worrisome matter.

Reasons when you wish you had a remote to take charge of your PC:

Forgetting workstation unlocked:-

Now, this is second reason, which is why you can never even forget to log-off, lock or shutting down your PC at work. You cannot just risk forgetting to lock your PC at work, your boss and colleagues are the reason behind it. Your browsing history, your mailing history and so many other things you cannot afford to get revealed. Watching YouTube or Facebook-ing at workplaces isn’t allowed but even if it’s allowed, you possible cannot let them know your YouTube playlist, can you?

If you have kids, more than the half time you would wish you had something to control their PC usage. Yes, dinner’s over, it’s past their bedtimes but still they are on their PC. These are the moments when you wished you could just lock or shutdown their PCs with a remote or something. Controlling PC usage of kids is just one of the many reasons to have a remote to control PC.

If only there was a way to lock or shut your computer or laptop with a remote. If you too wish to take control of your PC, try Remote PC Lock and take charge of your Pc from wherever you are, whenever you want with just your android smartphone.

Mar 27

5 Secrets to Make Your App Successful In Google Play

Google released a guide of 81 pages recently in order to help Android app publishers to attain maximum reach and make more money. The guide is all about making your Android app successful in the market. The tips offered in the beginning of the guide are the basic things which you will be aware of. But if you get deeper into the guide, you will get to know about the things you are probably not familiar with. It definitely helps app publishers to retain users and attain maximum reach.
Here are a few secrets to make your Android app successful:
1. Engage users through Google search with app indexing:

Deep linking enables Google to present the content of your app to the users who search on Google or on your site. This engages users with your app even if they had no idea of opening your app first. App indexing helps users to find detailed information about your app by providing auto suggestions.

2. Offer over-the-air installs who logs into your website:

When you deploy Google sign-in for your website, you can offer over-the-air app installs for users. As they are already logged on to your website, they will obviously be more interested to download your app if it suits their requirement. Statistics also say that app installation rates are 40% high while using this feature.

3. Personalize your app with Google+:

You can make effective use of userâEUR(TM)s information stored in their Google+ account to offer them a user friendly experience. You can also use their history, settings and most used features to render them with more customized experience. The chances of app usage will be high if you enable users to log in to your app with an existing Google+ account.

4. Utilize all Android platforms:

Whenever you start building an app, you just think on how the app might perform on a phone or tablet. You really have to consider the other available platforms and build the app accordingly. The app will get more exposure and it offers more value to the users. You have to adapt to these services and get approval. Then the app continues to be available on tablets or phones.

5. Use Android intents:

The Android intents let the app to be default for certain functions that a user needs to accomplish. For instance, you can offer the image editing capabilities to other applications which are in need but donâEUR(TM)t wish to create it for themselves. Similarly, recognize the apps with some default functions which you donâEUR(TM)t want to incorporate with your app. This lets you concentrate on the core functionality of the app; so that you can outsource certain things to other apps.
There are several other ideas discussed in the guide which you can employ to see the success of your Android application .

Mar 27

Does Mass Email Service Really Helpful In Online Business Promotion?

In this competitive marketing world, every business prefers to get to a huge number of people around the world. This can be made possible only by using the best email marketing service. There are so many companies present these days, which create services to help the different businesses for the advertisement of products or services. However, the idea of email marketing has been spread all around the world.

With the rapid growth of population, it has become a tiresome task to develop awareness about your company and its products among the prospective customers in quick time. The internet has offered a lot of marketing strategies that have made people to find about the new arrival of products in the market. To develop trust among the clients, mass email service has been popular in the local as well as international clients.

Well, mass mail is the best alternative for businesses that like to increase their online business. There are a number of email marketing companies in the market, that give the facility to create a notable email that includes all the detail related to your product or service. In addition to the information, you can also endorse any special offer you are giving to the users. In brief, this facility helps in increasing online business of any organization. Most of the organizations these days have started choosing mass email marketing for online business growth. However, the idea of e-mail marketing has given positive outcomes to most of the companies.

Here are some of the prominent features of mass email service:

1. It allows scheduling of messages and helps in posting the mails to the recipients at a planned time. No manual attempts are needed once your messages are scheduled. They involuntarily get delivered to the recipients who have opted-in.

2. It provides the option of saving a template. This option helps you save any striking template for the email, as an attractive email template can draw maximum number of people to your website.

3. It allows to make full campaign statistics.

4. It gives access to millions of email ids in the list that helps you reach a large number of prospective customers.

5. It provides filtration of your list and helps in removing those contacts which do not have any interest in reading your e-mail.

However, the final aim of this type of mailing is not just to post mails to a large number of people or just get opt-in requests from the users. The target is achieved when the subscriber is converted into your customers with the help of these emails. You have to buy services from any trustworthy company which assures that millions of emails can be sent at a single point of time. For this, you should get in touch with renowned companies that provide mass email service. So, if used well, then mass email is a very useful tool that can be used on its own or with the grouping of other marketing techniques to assure the success of a business.